Sculptagon is a meaningful approach to achieving life-goals that are lasting and evolving, It is passionate and obligated to share it with other people.
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Project brief

Are you tired that your life choices always lead to poorer health? Is your life impacting your health negatively? Do you keep trying to improve your life and end up being more stressed and unhealthy? You can find the exact answers on the Sculptagon website.

Project role

My role in this project was to craft a presentational website which would make the visitor feels really great. Before starting the design process I've also created the branding identity which serves well in a wide spectrum of uses (Online courses, Publishing, Products etc.).

Along with the design I was responsible for the whole realization. The website is build on Webflow CMS to enable future modifications and editing of content with ease and in no-time.


All screens of the website are optimized for mobile devices to deliver the best experience for users using any type of device.