ClaimAir is a web based service which makes sure travelers get proper assistance as well as flight and baggage compensation when it's due.
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Project brief

Every day, 800 thousand people travel by air, facing the inconvenience of flight delays, cancellations, or problems with baggage. Most of these travelers are unaware that they are entitled to compensation, on average amounting to €400. For the people fortunate enough to know about this, it's not an easy process to get the compensation from airlines. That is why ClaimAir exists in the first place. It is an automated system which informs you how to deal with airline problems and reveal what compensation you may be entitled to.

Project role

My role was to create a user interface which helps travelers when having flight troubles. The project started by designing a minimal viable product which was tested on it's users. Based on the feedback I've designed an interface which serves in many stressful situations as flight troubles are. The new design concept included rebranding the corporate identity to emphasize the company mission.

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All screens of the process are optimized for mobile devices to deliver the best experience for users using any type of device.